Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back on the Etsy Bandwagon! and New Things to Share

Now that school is over (and I have a degree, yay!) I've been making more jewelry, taking more pictures, posting items and generally getting back in the swing of the jewelry business. I've recently had my first successful Etsy shop "sale", and I thought I'd go over a few things that I think worked in my favour.

When I launched my sale a couple of weeks back, I started with the basics. I posted several brand-new items, then reduced the prices of many of my pieces by $2-5. It worked out so that most of my earrings and bracelets were $12 and some more expensive listings came to $25-35. I decided to then tweet about my sale and re-list a few of the items that I was now offering at a sale price.

It was all simple enough -- but too simple. I didn't get a single bite that week, or the next! I had gotten a few more views of items, and a few more Etsy "hearts" but that was about it. So, I decided to finally try something many Etsy sellers swear by -- constant re-listing. When an Etsy seller lists an item, that items appears on the top of the searches for that item's category, and is generally seen by the majority of buyers looking for a similar item. However, it also costs $0.20 to do so. The item will have the pleasure of being on top for only a few short hours, or even minutes, as new listings are being posted all the time, all being laid on top of one another, pushing the older listings further down the line.

It is a well-known trick of Etsy sellers to list and re-list items several times a day to make sure that their items stay on top, paying the $0.20 for each item every time. In theory, it means that the more one re-lists, the more potential customers will see and buy said items. And in theory, the cost of re-listing will more than pay for itself once people take notice and start buying. This is a theory that I finally conceded to try for myself.

With a bit of extra money in my paypal account, I decided to re-list a few items a day, every day for a while, and see what happens. At first, nothing happened but a big spike in views! Many people were seeing my items, but none were interested. Then something I would consider a miracle happened! Suddenly, I made 4 sales in 4 days, and it most definitely paid for my re-listing several times over.

To be honest though, I don't know if it was the sale, or the re-listing, or the combination of both that did the trick. If anyone out there is having trouble with sales, all I can say is try a shop sale, or re-listing as complementary to trying to take the best pictures possible and having good prices. Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice. Your rise to success and fame is inevitable!

  2. Great idea! Congrats on the sales! Your pictures are beautiful!